Outing Fees

Golf Outing Information & Guidelines – 2018

Outing Fees – Outing fees for groups of 70 players or more is $29.00 per person, fees for less than 70 players is $33.00 per person and apply as follows:

Fees per person include Green Fees and Riding Cart for eighteen holes.

  • Payment of all fees and associated charges must be made by the day of the outing. Eagles Ridge Golf Club does not carry accounts; therefore, arrangements should be made within your organization to settle all accounts in full on the day of the event. Payments can be made by cash or check; we do not accept Credit Cards as a source of payment for golf outings.
  • Our staff will require a completed reservation form and a $25.00 deposit to secure the date for your event.
  • Your assistance in providing names in each group will greatly facilitate service and play.
  • A minimum of 20 foursomes must be confirmed in order to have the golf course closed completely for your event.


Golf Carts – Eagles Ridge Golf Club currently has a fleet of (60) golf carts, which will accommodate  120 golfers.  Should your outing have more than 120 players, a rental fleet of carts will need to be reserved. The entire cost of the rental fleet will be your group’s responsibility. Check with the Pro Shop for the actual cost and availability. Rental fleet companies fill their schedules months in advance.  You must let us know your needs for rental carts well in advance of your outing date to have the best chance of getting extra carts. Eagles Ridge cannot guarantee availability of rental carts. If your outing consists of more than 120 golfers an alternative to renting extra carts would be to have both a morning and afternoon tee time.

Cancellations – Up to one (1) week before your event you may cancel any or all of your reserved times without penalty.

  • One week before your event you will be asked to confirm the number of tee times you wish to reserve. That number will represent the number of players for whom you will be charged.  (i.e., if you confirm 50 players and only 45 players show up to golf, you will be responsible for the fees for 50 players, if 55 players show up you are responsible for 55 player fees.)  Return confirmation no later than one week before the date of the event, or your outing will be subject to cancellation.


Services Available – The following services are available to you and your committee upon advance request:

  • All golf prizes and special gift packets should be purchased through Eagles Ridge Golf Course.
  • Proximity markers, Closest to the hole, longest drive, longest putt, etc.
  • Tournament scoreboard and score sheets. Copies of blank starting sheets are available at your request.
  • Beverage cart available for a fee of $15.00 per hour.


Food & Beverage – An expanded food menu can be arranged through our restaurant.  Due to P.L.C.B. Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws all beverage products must be purchased through Eagles Ridge Gourse Club’s food and beverage department.   

Dress Code – Players must be properly attired. Shirts with collars must be worn.  Tank Tops, sleeveless shirts, and cut-offs are unacceptable. All Golf shoes must have soft spikes.

Pace of Play – Please make sure your players are aware of the need for speedy play. Tournament patrolmen have the authority to move a slow group so that golfers in succeeding groups are not delayed an unreasonable period. You are responsible for your group’s actions. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.